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A High Quality Education

Washington Catholic Schools provide one of the best educations your child can receive in this area. Our class sizes are small, so we can better focus on the individual needs of the students. Get a jump on college with 18 honors courses and 16 dual credit hour courses from which to choose. Washington Catholic boasts a 100% graduation rate.

A Christian Environment

Washington Catholic Schools provide a safe, loving Christian atmosphere and teach and foster Christian faith, morals, and ethics. The student body is made up of many different denominations, including Catholic, Baptist, Methodist/Wesleyan, Mennonite/Amish, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Nondenominational Christian, and Unaffiliated Christians.

Small Manageable Class Sizes

Washington Catholic Schools feature small class sizes that permit our teachers to better focus their attention on the students who need it.


If your child enjoys playing sports, then Washington Catholic is the place to play! Over 80% of Washington Catholic students are student athletes.

Safety And Security

Washington Catholic takes the safety and security of its students very seriously.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, And Mathematics)

Washington Catholic provides its students with plenty of opportunity to use technology.

Affordable Cost

The cost to attend Washington Catholic Schools is VERY affordable. Through fundraising, generous donations, and scholarships, your cost could be as low as $350! We invite you to get an instant online personal estimate by clicking below.

Accessible Location

Washington Catholic Schools are conveniently located in the heart of Washington, IN. The school is easily accessible from many nearby towns and communities.

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