Students deserve a safe environment in which to live, learn, and grow. Washington Catholic Schools are blessed to be a part of the SchoolGuard-911 app technology thanks to the county commissioners of Daviess County. The SchoolGuard-911 app technology is simple and powerful. Teachers and staff download the app to their mobile phones, and in the event of an active shooting, a teacher presses the panic button provided in the app. An alert is immediately sent to the mobile phones of all federal, state and local law enforcement officers, ON and OFF duty, in close proximity to the school. The app simultaneously speed dials 911 and connects the teacher to emergency services. All other staff and teachers in the school with the app installed are also immediately alerted of the event, and a map of the location of the initial alert is displayed on their mobile phones. The map provides awareness to staff and teachers, which allows them to react accordingly.

Washington Catholic teachers regularly practice safety drills with students and attend training sessions on safety skills.  We are currently working on the development and integration of even more safety resources in all of our buildings.